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Sharpr is trusted by many of the leading brands in the world. 


Knowledge Management Software


Get more value out of your existing market research investment. Sharpr allows your team to capture insights from company-produced work, all in one place. It also provides a frictionless experience to access research partner content.

Insight Database

Create a searchable insight library with relevant documents, videos and articles. Use the suite of Sharpr tools to easily add content and share with stakeholders. 


Sharpr automatically tags and organizes information. Automated smart alerts make sure the right people receive the right content at the right time.


Easily share your content through an integrated email newsletter tool, or push content to screens setup inside your office (digital newsroom), setup private webpages, or push content to other applications using RSS feeds or our API.


Knowledge Management solutions have historically failed due to the required manual input involved. Over time, team members stop contributing because it creates “more work.” Sharpr is different. Users can drag and drop files into Sharpr. They are automatically tagged and summarized using advanced modeling techniques. Auto summaries help searchers quickly asses search results and work together with A.I. driven search and auto previews of documents to make the process of finding insight easier and faster. 

Sharpr-Patented technology makes insight teams more proactive and less reactive.



Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial intelligence is called Sam. Sam uses natural language processing and machine learning to power our search. So how does he work?

Text Analysis

Documents are automatically analyzed and tagged to identify concepts that might not be present in the document but that are relevant. (For example: Search for “Give me the latest Research on Millennials” and it will also bring in “Generation Y” related content.)

Automated Summaries

Sharpr’s proprietary models create short, 5-sentence summaries of each document so people can quickly know what they’ve found. (i.e. Spark Notes or Cliff Notes)

Document Preview

A document preview is created and highlights mentions of the term or terms being searched. This makes it easy to see what’s been found.

Topic Extraction

Sharpr creates models that are customized to your document universe. This helps identify what’s unique about your data to ensure the most relevant search results.

User Preference Calibrator

SAM™ learns from you! If you show interest or distaste in any given area, data will be delivered to you accordingly to help bring the most important information to your forefront.


Documents can be downloaded, emailed, added to a Sharpr story or “commented” on or “liked”. All this can be done from a desktop or phone.

Sam™ accelerates, enhances and scales human expertise.


Customized Layout

Pick from various email templates and create different email distribution lists. Add headers, content fields and easily populate them with the content that’s been added from the system. Save emails as drafts so you can come back and work on them later, and schedule emails to be delivered at a specific time and day.

Measure Results

Track who opens your emails and what they click on. Use this information to improve your information sharing.

Responsive Design

Emails look good on phones, tablets or computers. Customized email landing pages also are built with a responsive design to assure a good user experience regardless of what device they use.

Sharpr’s advanced email builder helps you communicate with your audience.

Digital Newsroom

Various Layouts

Browser-based solution that can fit any screen or monitor. Easily change the content on the screens remotely. Select from pages designed to show Twitter feeds, News and Social feeds, and analytics. Configure the page layout to show one or many pieces of content.

Automated Data Feeds

Automatically populate content on monitors with a constant stream of pre-defined content sources from the web such as Twitter and RSS feeds.

Curated Data Feeds

Sharpr gives you the option to more closely manage the content that is displayed on the screens. Choose each piece of content and approve it before it’s displayed.



Sharpr’s digital newsroom shares your information in physical environments.



Track email open rates and discover who is opening each email. See email click-through rates for each post and view who is reading your messages.


See who is logging into the system and at what time of day, then download to Microsoft Excel for additional analysis. Track contributors by hub or across your network of hubs.  


Track the number of posts per hub, the number of email sent by each hub and track which tags are most popular in a customized date range.

Analytics across Hubs and within each Hub keep you in control of large data sets.

App Exchange

Information Sourcing

Automatically pull data from our App Exchange partners like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Bing. Pull in RSS feeds from blogs and other sites. Use advanced data logic and keywords filter to make those feeds more relevant. 

Integrated Feed Management

Easily organize and review your feeds before publishing them to your Hub. Combine feeds by topic or feed source and sort them by date or how popular the content is on social media. Add your insight, tag, and categorize the post and publish to the hub.

Combine Workflows

Automatically have documents, articles and other content sent from Sharpr to other applications like Box, Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress, etc. Set up a similar workflow to have information automatically sent from other applications into Sharpr. Our App Exchange partner IFTTT makes these and other shortcuts possible.

Integrated feeds keep you up to date with your information streams.

Enterprise Tools

SSO (Single Sign On)

Leverage SSO (Single-Sign-On) to sync users and passwords between Sharpr and your corporate user management system.

Tag Management

Setup, merge and delete the tags that describe the content in your hubs. Enable hubs to subscribe to tags to support the automatic flow of fresh knowledge from one hub to another.

User & Hub Management

Manage hubs and users from one location for your entire organization. Setup, delete and customize the branding of your hubs. Provide user access and set user permission levels for your users across hubs.  

Advanced tag management keeps everything under control and humming smoothly. 


Security at Sharpr

The information you share is important to you, so it’s important to us. We understand how important the responsibility of safeguarding data is to our customers. That’s why we exceed the industry standard when it comes to protecting your organization.

  • Data Encrypted in Transit

  • Data Encrypted at Rest

  • SOC 2 Certified Infrastructure

  • SOC 3 Certified Infrastructure

  • ISO 27001 Certified Infrastructure

  • Advanced DDoS Protection


Sharpr’s knowledge management software helps insight teams do more with less, share real-time insights, and be wiser faster.

Approve + publish supplier research in one click.

Enable internal clients to search the knowledge management software and find critical insight.

Do More With Less

It’s no secret that we live in a world of information overload. The volume of information continues to exponentially expand while insight teams are often being asked to do more with less. Technology like Sharpr makes up the difference and helps insight teams be more efficient.  

How Sharpr helps:

Workflow tools allow suppliers to add their insights directly into the platform, which saves both time and money. The stories module enables teams to easily assemble disparate insights together into a cohesive story that can be shared with clients while the AI driven self-service dashboard helps users quickly find approved insight without the involvement of a member of the insight team.

Sharpr helps teams work faster and more efficiently. To read about how our current clients curate groundbreaking insight, and to keep up with new features, check out our Insights page.

Discover, collaborate, and transform the latest consumer and market trends. 

Quickly add insight to articles you find online with the SHARP IT! tool.

Share Real-Time Insights

Combining stored data with new, real-time information sources creates a more complete and up-to-date view of opportunities and risks. 

How Sharpr helps:

Sharpr allows users to easily add in articles, videos, social media posts, analytic charts and documents. This content can be combined together and shared as a story with the organization in only a few clicks. Real-time email or mobile alerts can be set-up by each user so they can be notified when posts are tagged or categorized with a specific term. 

Sharpr’s tag cloud helps you make sense of your data.

Use the powerful Sharpr app to quickly consume + capture insight

The Sharpr App learns your preferences and delivers more relevant insight to you.

Be Wiser Faster 

Over time a company’s knowledge moves away as people take on new jobs or retire.  Knowledge disappears even more rapidly when a firm reorganizes and there is a subsequent reshuffling of the team. All this contributes to a company relearning what it already knows.

How Sharpr helps:

Sharpr is a searchable insight database. It has a Pinterest look and feel and a number of sharing options that make it easy to push insight to the people who need it. Sharpr’s artificial intelligence solution called Sam surfaces relevant content to each user and makes searching for knowledge easier and faster.


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