11 Client Relationship Success Factors With a Digital Marketing Agency

A great list of success factors for agencies. Right Intel was created to assist with many of these including Collaboration and Communication

Whether you read this in January or July, in 2013 or 2015, these guiding principles are timeless. In order for a client to get maximum results from their relationship with a digital marketing agency it is best to wholeheartedly embrace these principles. These are the principles we live by everyday at Find and Convert.


At the top of my list is collaboration. I don’t just mean cooperation. I mean authentic collaboration. The difference is more than a subtle one. A collaborative relationship between a client and their digital marketing agency results in the agency being treated as an extended member of the client’s team. The client proactively communicates a 360 degree view of their overall marketing strategy. The agency is always in the know about the client’s marketing activities and how they fit into the client’s business goals. There are no major surprises. The agency is not just a vendor, but rather a member of the client’s team.

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