3 essentials for in-house content marketing

We’d add to list: #4 Decide how much of your content should be Primary vs. Curated. We’d recommend 30% Primary & 70% Curated with added Insight.

Effectively “in-sourcing” and managing content marketing at your organization is a great way to utilize existing resources, but it’s not always the easiest. If you’re thinking of implementing a content marketing process for your business, here are a few things to consider and some tips to ensure your success and sanity from the start.

Coordinate with department leaders and establish an “editorial board”

Let’s start out by getting the people who are already generating content on board. This includes marketing, PR, advertising, social media, and community management, of course. But think beyond those traditional areas as well, to technical writers, contributing bloggers, executives, and others in the organization who have already established a voice. Getting an appointed spokesperson from each group gives you a basic editorial board that you can call on when needed.

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