Ad of the Day: Chipotle Makes Magic Yet Again With Fiona Apple and a Dark Animated Film

Chipotle releases an impressive branded entertainment campaign, complete with a popular song, long-form animation and a gaming compnent. It doesn’t get much more well rounded or better executed than this!

Fiona Apple, CAA Marketing and the Oscar-winning animators at Moonbot Studios prove to be impressive collaborators as Chipotle takes the formula that worked so well two years ago–celebrity cover of a famous song + gorgeous long-form animation + potent environmental message–and replicates it for a new campaign.

In fact, it enhances the formula by adding a gaming component, too.

Like the acclaimed, award-winning “Back to the Start” campaign, the new effort, called “The Scarecrow,” is another grand statement from the restaurant chain about the world of industrial food production. The centerpiece is a free, arcade-style adventure game for the iPhone and iPad, supported by an animated short film of the same name.

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