Advance your career, become a thought leader

One of the best things young professionals can do to begin developing a “marketing mindset” at an early stage is to monitor and share thought leadership.

When it comes to professional services firms, young employees are often unfamiliar with the concept of marketing. They are unaware of the many quick and easy things they can do to advance their careers and help their firm reach its growth goals. Much of a professional’s early years are spent mastering professional skills, learning client service, and knocking out billable hours.

While these are all certainly important areas, this scenario presents a challenge for young professionals as they begin to rise through the ranks. At a certain point, they may feel that they have hit a ceiling where they need to begin marketing in order to continue advancing. Or maybe they have already climbed to that point and have been tasked with bringing in new business through marketing and business development. Young professionals may find themselves thinking, “What is this marketing stuff? I don’t have time for this!” The great news is that young professionals (and all professionals for that matter) can use thought leadership and their subject matter expertise to propel themselves forward in their careers without having to invest a lot of precious time.

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