FROM THE BLOG's Top 10 Advertising Stories of 2013

Here’s a brief recap from AdWeek on the most interesting, shocking and/or important advertising stories of last year.


Here are the 10 most-read advertising and branding stories published on in 2013:

10. What Pepsi Discovered by Monitoring Millennials During the VMAs

By Noreen O’Leary

As a brand that has long had event sponsorship at the heart of its marketing formula, Pepsi sought a more scientific way to study the correlation between TV viewing and second-screen usage during live programming.

9. The 5 Best Ads of Super Bowl XLVII

By Tim Nudd

The lights went out in the third quarter at the Louisiana Superdome on Sunday night, but the advertising waited until the fourth to get its power surge.

8. Ad of the Day: Chipotle Makes Magic Yet Again With Fiona Apple and a Dark Animated Film

By Tim Nudd

Fiona Apple, CAA Marketing and the Oscar-winning animators at Moonbot Studios prove to be impressive collaborators as Chipotle takes the formula that worked so well two years ago—celebrity cover of a famous song + gorgeous long-form animation + potent environmental message—and replicates it for a new campaign.

7. Ad of the Day: After Skyping for 8 Years, Two Girls With a Special Bond Finally Meet

By Tim Nudd

There are lots of reasons why this new Skype ad from Pereira & O’Dell shouldn’t work. It’s more than three minutes long. It’s manipulative in the extreme. And its emotional high point has little to do with the service being advertised—in fact, it hints at everything Skype can’t provide Yet, in the end, it’s irresistible.

6. How AT&T Got Kids to Make Some of the Year’s Best Ads

By Tim Nudd

Bigger. Faster. More. You know you have strong product benefits when they can be boiled down to simple value propositions even kids can appreciate. Children, and simplicity, are at the core of BBDO’s classic-in-the-making “It’s not complicated” campaign for AT&T—touting the size and speed of the carrier’s network and other benefits.

5. Check Out the Top 100 Beloved Brands

By Christopher Heine

Walt Disney, Yahoo, Google, Sony and Nestlé, in that order, are the most-loved companies in the world, according to an extensive study by APCO Worldwide. Rounding out the top 10, per the global communication and business strategy firm, are French retailer Auchan, Netflix, Whole Foods, Apple and Lowe’s.

4. Mountain Dew Pulls ‘Arguably Most Racist Commercial in History’

By Christopher Heine

PepsiCo says it’s pulling an outrageous Mountain Dew commercial that has offended online viewers in recent days due to sensitivities in terms of racism and violence toward women. The 60-second spot, which is still live on a few individuals’ YouTube channels, depicts a badly battered woman on crutches who is being pressed by a cop to pick a suspect out of a police lineup of five African-American males and a goat named Felicia.

3. The 10 Best Ads of 2013

By Tim Nudd

It was a year for thinking big, and spreading the wealth. Advertisers continued to move well beyond the 30-, 60- and even 90-second spot in 2013, as two of our top 10 ads this year, including No. 1, stretch beyond three minutes. That’s an eternity in Internet time, yet they were watched, loved and shared worldwide.

2. Map of the U.S. Shows Top Ad Agency in Each State

By Tim Nudd

Every state has “that agency.” The one you can’t help but admire, or envy. The one where you’d like to work—or if you’re lucky, where you do work. The one that’s hard to beat. The one that critics moan is overrated. The one that, more often than not, just gets it right.

1. Ad of the Day: Crest and Oral-B Make the Year’s Meanest, Funniest, Grossest, Cutest Halloween Spot

By Roo Ciambriello

The best way to keep teeth clean and healthy is to ban Halloween candy altogether. Crest toothpaste and Oral-B toothbrushes explore that possibility in this hilarious ad by giving a group of children in costume only healthy candy—vegetable-flavored gummies, Nori pops and tofu ghost-mallows.

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