Agencies Reshuffle for Real-Time

Real-time marketing requires structural and staffing changes on the agency side but promises good margins. Right Intel can help agencies make the shift.

“Real time” is the newest buzzphrase of the online marketing world. All of a sudden it’s essential for brands to be reacting quickly to cultural events and trends, and injecting themselves into the online conversations taking place around them.

For agencies, that represents both challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, they’re having to figure out how to structure and staff themselves in ways they haven’t previously, but on the other, it’s giving them the chance to prove day-in, day-out value to clients, in the face of continued downward pricing pressure and commoditization of their other services. In other words, they can smell the money.

But adopting this “always-on” mentality requires changes. Perhaps the biggest one is leaving behind the campaign-cycle mentality they’ve been fundamentally structured and built around, and adapting their own internal cultures and processes to cope. It also means hiring different people than those usually found in the agency environment.

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