Agency CEOs Need to Obsess About Talent

Companies can better recruit and manage talent by “obsessing” about the hiring, training and relationship-building processes with all employees. Fantastic Q&A with Havas Worldwide global president, Andrew Benett.


The global president of Havas Worldwide subsequently interviewed leaders at companies as varied as Facebook, Unilever, Zappos, Forbes, DreamWorks and General Electric and their learnings became the foundation for a new book, The Talent Mandate, that came out today. Benett, who’ll also lead a discussion on talent during Advertising Week, explained how all companies can better recruit and manage employees.

-What’s the biggest problem that advertising has in recruiting and managing talent?

The C-suite [executives] of most companies in our industry are not nearly as obsessed as they need to be with all aspects of talent management. How much time are they spending with their chief talent officers? How much time are they [spending] talking about, what are we doing with career-pathing and leadership development plans? How much are they thinking about how we assess our workforce and who our best are?

-What’s the second biggest problem?

There’s a one-dimensional view of talent, where the challenge is to hire the best creative person, the best planner, the best account person. … Third is we don’t as an industry generally hire for where our business or our clients’ business is going because we generally hire to fill positions rather than future needs of the business.

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