AKQA's new social director Ron Peterson extols the virtues of social business for brands

We love Ron Peterson of AKQA’s take on the need to work together to break down silos to create better social engagement.

The next stage in the evolution of social media and its ability to strengthen the bottom line for businesses is about to begin, according to AKQA’s new director of social.

AKQA recently hired former head of business arts lab leader at TBWA Digital Arts Network in California, Ron Peterson, to head up its global social practice for clients, with Peterson having relocated to London in order to do so.

The founder of action sports business Bayvi LLC in Honolulu in 2004, Peterson took his online entrepreneurial knowledge to Omnicom where he co-founded its Digital Arts Network in 2011 after just under a year at TBWA, having developed a social insight tool for brands.

Now, at AKQA, he has been tasked with driving effective marketing that is rooted in clientʼs brand and business objectives.

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