barrettSF And Argonaut: San Francisco (TV) Advertising Agencies of the Week – Peter Levitan & Co.

Agency Consultant Peter Levitan share his thoughts on Argonaut and barrettSF – two new Goodby, Silverstein & Partners offshoots

I started my career in San Francisco as a photographer working for advertising agencies. This was way pre-Internet in a world of TV advertising dominance. In those days, San Francisco agencies led with their ½” reels. Today, one would suspect that they lead with their digital, mobile and social portfolios. Interestingly, for a couple of new Bay Area agencies, the lead is proudly TV.

It seems that San Francisco has lately been a hotbed for new agencies. I first heard about Argonaut and barrettSF in the rather breathy “San Francisco’s Thriving Agency Start-Up Scene” article by Stuart Elliot in The New York Times.

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