Better Writing for Data Analysts

Persuasive writing is a survival skill for data analysts.

You’re a brain. You know your stuff. When you write a report, you put your heart into it. When it’s complete, you know it’s chock full of valuable information. There’s just one problem: Other people don’t get it. They don’t see what you see.

What’s the problem? It just might be your writing style.

When you understand data and its implications, you want others to see what you see. How frustrating it can be when decision makers ignore or misunderstand the information you’ve developed for them. When your reports aren’t taken seriously, it’s more than frustrating — it’s career limiting. If the boss doesn’t find your reports valuable, the boss doesn’t find you valuable. Persuasive writing is a survival skill for data analysts.

Good writing depends on good structure. Reports, whether they’re the length of a memo or an encyclopedia, need a strong overall structure to guide the reader to relevant information and clarify the relationships among the facts that you present. Good sentence structure helps readers understand details.

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