Brands, Meet Your Customer Of 2015

Did you know 63% of women and 73% of men don’t go an hour without checking their phone? The customer of 2015 is highly connected and will post thoughts on your brand to social media frequently. The attached infographic explains more about this customer and why they’re important to your brand’s success.


Meet Mike. Mike is your customer, circa 2015.

Like his peers, Mike checks his smartphone throughout the day, every day. Mike has an opinion on your company, and will happily post his thoughts on social media.

Mike doesn’t pay much attention to your ads – they’re not authentic, after all – but will consult reviews and pay close attention to what his friends think when making a purchase.

And most importantly, Mike is loyal. He’s a big fan of your brand, and wants to keep buying your stuff. But if you make a major mistake or lose his trust, Mike will move somewhere else. You know: to your biggest competitor.

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