Campbell's Serves Up A Bowl Of 'Digital Fitness'

Campbell’s announces internal commitment to building their digital know-how from the bottom up proving how serious they are in making digital top-of-mind for brand managers at every level.

Want some digital literacy with your can of soup?

With brands ever more ardently trying to connect with consumers, especially that coveted 18-24-year-old demographic, it should go without saying that their marketers need to be on top of what’s going on in digital. But more often than not, established brands struggle to keep up with digital’s rapid evolution.

Campbell’s is here to help. Yes, that Campbell’s.

Adam Kmiec, the global head of digital and social for the venerable canned soup company, is on a mission to ensure that his brand has all the tools to be as “digitally fit” as possible. This week, Kmiec announced via Twitter and on his blog that Campbell’s, a 144-year-old brand, has created a “Digital Fitness Accelerator Kit” to ensure that the organization and its people are up to speed on all things digital.

“Digital fitness is about both a lifestyle choice and an everyday commitment,” he told Digiday.

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