Sharpr October Release: UI, Search Across Hubs, Approved Posts & Email!

Your user experience with Sharpr just keeps getting better with our latest release. Here’s a quick summary of the new features, check out the posts below for training videos and more information.

– Sharpr Refresh: updated icons, better fine tuner, enhancements to Top Contributors, new tabular layout option
– Search Across Hubs: view, filter and copy content from any hub to which you have access
– Approval Matrix: new user privileges to create content approval workflow
– Email Updates: date range filter and hub setting to truncate large images

As always, if you have any questions please contact


Better Sharing in Sharpr: May 2016 Release Notes

Our 2016 spring release is all about sharing: Sharing your content in new and exciting ways with our digital newsroom, sharing your posts across hubs with tag subscriptions, and sharing content to and from other platforms through our Sharpr channel on IFTTT (If This Then That).

You’ll find training videos linked in the posts below. You can also learn more on our weekly webinars or reach out to our Customer Experience team directly at

Right Intel is now Sharpr!

Sharpr Command Center Gathering

You may have noticed when you logged in today that our name has changed from Right Intel to Sharpr. And you may have questions about this change, and what it means for you. Not to worry!

Why did we change our name?

A large corporation started to worry that our two brands would become confused with each other; instead of fighting with them, we decided to change our name and move forward.

Why Sharpr?

Sharpr better describes how we help our customers. Our software makes people sharper, more agile and more efficient. It helps organizations break down silos and be smarter; faster. It helps them be Sharpr.

Do I log in at the same place? will redirect to If your username automatically logs you in, you will continue to be automatically logged in, you do not need change your bookmark.

Do I need to reinstall any of the tools?

No. Your “Intel It!” and screen cap extension will automatically update.

Will the product change?

Our focus continues on our main features: easy to create email newsletters, beautiful digital newsrooms, analytics to help you find internal trends, an app exchange that helps you make the most of other sources, and a knowledge platform that breaks down silos and fosters collaboration across the organization. In addition, we’re committed to constantly improving our system, with exciting new product innovations coming in the next few months like a revamped UI for our digital newsroom, enhanced email templates, a what’s trending inside of Sharpr feed, and an innovative way to collaborate on decks.

Will my contract or pricing change?

If you are locked into a current contract there will be no change.

What if I have additional questions?

Feel free to contact us at, we’re happy to discuss!

As many of you have experienced first hand, going through a rebrand forces focus. We’ve thought deeply about who we are and where we want to go. It’s been challenging and rewarding and we are better because of it. We look forward to continuing our work with you, the best is yet to come!


Great Insight from a great man. @marclandsberg

5 things he’s learned about company culture
  1. Make it real. Culture is action, not just words
  2. Over-communicate, but stay consistent
  3. Leadership is personal. Tell stories, allow for people to connect with you.
  4. Lead by example.
  5. Be fully transparent.


Pamela Larrick – Javelin – 2015 Education Leadership Award – Annual Awards Dinner – Events | Marketing EDGE

Congrats to Pam. CEO of #Javelin. Great company and great leader.

Pamela Larrick, chief executive officer of Omnicom’s Javelin Marketing Group is the 2015 Marketing EDGE Edward N. Mayer, Jr. Education Leadership Award recipient.


GoDaddy Names TBWA Its First Global Agency

Our client #tbwa wins GoDaddy business. Nice work!

GoDaddy has selected Omnicom’s TBWA as its first global agency, the company said. The decision concludes a process that began with a request for proposals last spring, as the web-hosting company eyed international expansion after a $460 million inital public offering and the hiring of a new CMO, Phil Bienert.


As Marketers' Annual Meeting Aims to Inspire, Some Big Topics Are Left Aside

Unilever worked with #Razorfish and bloggers to aggregate the videos on an “All Things Hair” YouTube channel, establishing a role in the conversation for itself.

One ANA Masters of Marketing attendee said he came for guidance on how to handle ad blocking, but the official program focused elsewhere.


IFTTT Integration

Right Intel integrates with IFTTT to make it easier to publish and share content.


How to Use Data-Driven Storytelling to Create Engagement

Jeannette is spot on. “To really delve into the intricacies of each user’s journey, you need to combine data and human insights with the expertise of Content Strategy (CoS) #cos and User Experience (UX) #ux”


Getting Marketing and Business Development on the Same Page