Content Marketing: 172% ROI for online retailer's high-powered blog

ZAGG, an online retailer, knows its blog results in sales, as it earns 172% ROI and 10% of the company’s site traffic.

Many online retailers have a blog, but few take theirs as seriously as ZAGG. The mobile device accessory provider publishes 25 to 35 posts each week, Monday through Friday.

“Unless you are willing to go into it full speed ahead, it’s going to be hard to make a blog worth your time,” says Drew Conrad, Internet Marketing Specialist, ZAGG.

ZAGGblog helps the company reach its tech-savvy audience, but more importantly, it earns revenue. After less than two years of existence, it earns 172% ROI from direct sales. It attracts more than 10% of ZAGG’s site traffic, about 60% of which comes from new visitors.

This is the result of a full-throttle strategy that focused on creating content the audience loved and not being afraid to promote products. Below, we outline the key tactics behind ZAGGblog’s success.

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