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A Platform Created by You

At Right Intel we pride ourselves in creating a platform conceived by our own clients. A lot of the platform you use today came from ideas by you. Today we’re happy to announce 4 new features and UI designs inspired by your request. In addition to the new layout changes, we are announcing our migration to Amazon Web Services this weekend.

Powered by AWS

If SaaS platforms drove cars, Right Intel will be driving a Ferrari. Due to the growth of Right Intel over the last year, we’ve had to look hard at our hosting options. We’re excited to announce our migration to Amazon Web Services this weekend. Moving to AWS clustered environment will allow us to handle more load on the system, which should make the user experience much faster. It will also offer greater security to our platform.

To complete the migration, Right Intel will have 2 hours scheduled downtime this Saturday Evening, October 11, 2014 starting at 11PM EDT.

Announcing Four UI updates and Features

See the slideshow by clicking above and using your arrow keys to toggle.

Curation Organized

The Curate tab is seeing a major facelift. The primary focus on redesigning the curate tab was to make it easier to see what’s happening by your feed groups. Now when you go to curate from your feeds, you’ll see each group as a column
Curate - Main cropped

Because the curate tab is designed to get though your feeds quickly, you will now notice that posts will grey out as you scroll past them. This will make it easier to know what has been reviewed and what is still waiting for you to look through. If you find something you like, and need it in your knowledge dashboard, just hit the orange “Intel It” button at the top of each post.

Curate - close up
We’re also making it easier to sort though the potential intel waiting in your curate tab. You can now sort by Date, Social Activity, and the specific feed within the feed group.

Curate - partial social activity

Details and More Details

The other major update is in the details page of the intel post. Now as you enlarge the post, you’ll see the complete details, with the comments and conversation associated with the post. To simplify editing posts for sharing purposes, all Intel Leaders will now have the ability to edit the post right from the details page eliminated clicks, and simplifying the process.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 4.49.42 PM

Classic View is still Classic

The classic view within your Intel Dashboard has been updated to take advantage of today’s wider screens. With the comments and details making their own columns, you have the ability to better see what’s being discussed by getting the full content of the details from the dashboard. With Posts containing more detail text, you’ll have the ability to expand the post and read the entire text associated with the post, making it easier to consume more from the dashboard.
new classic view

We’re excited with what we are releasing today, be we have more to work on. You requests continue to come in, and we’re hard at work on the next update. But as always if you have ideas you have not shared with us, please send them our way. Reach out to us here, or give us a call at 801-575-6000

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