December 2014 Right Intel Platform Enhancement

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We’re happy to announce our latest update to our enterprise communication platform. Our December 2014 release is all about making Right Intel work better for you. With email being our most popular delivery method, much of the release is focused on bringing a cleaner and responsive email design to you. See this and other feature enhancements below.

An Interactive Tour for You and New Users

Right Intel now has a tour to get new users up-to-speed with the platform and features.


The new tour walks you through the basics of using the tool, and the different methods to bring intel into the dashboard, and share it out with audiences. This should help new users get familiar with Right Intel quicker and easier.

Emails Redesigned to Fit any Screen

Email is more responsive and looks great on any screen—including mobile.
Now when you send emails through Right Intel, your recipients will get an email that is tailored to their screen size. This means that emails look great on phones and other devices, as well as traditional monitors.

Enlarged Images Display on the Same Screen

Images are easier to view in the new release. Enlarge images without leaving your browser tab, and preview the whole image in the details page.

enlarged images on platform
Previously, enlarged images loaded in a new browser tab. Now when you click to enlarge an image, the image will now display inside the same tab in a modal. If the image is larger than the screen, it will still load in a new tab. You’ll also see a minor update to the details page so wider images will be scaled properly within the details page.

Hide Post Comments in Emails

Keep your emails focused, show only what is needed.

Showing post comments in emails is now optional. To hide comments, go to the Admin tab, click on “instance settings”, and find the “Email Briefs” section. The setting to hide comments is the final option in that section. Note that if comments are turned off in the email, they will continue to display in the Right Intel browser bar when the linked is clicked within the email. has a Fresh New Look

updated website
If you haven’t noticed already, we’ve released a major overhaul of our public site. Our new site is packed with information, and is much easier to navigate. One change to note is the login link for customers is available from the footer of every page now.

List of Bug Fixes, Enhancements and New Features

Right Intel Bugs
Small Enhancements and Bug fixes. Image cropping, password strength increase, tag saving, image saving, PPT and Word creation in Chrome, Lines in email bubble, email delivery.

  • Increased password strength requirements.
Post edit page: show full image and allow enlarging.
Fixed saving tags and images on post edit page.
Fixed screen freeze on Push to PowerPoint and Word in Chrome.
Inform email brief sender when an invalid email address is entered.

If you are new to Right Intel, and would like a more personal tour of these updates on your instances, please feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment with our experience team. You can also request a demo if you would like to see how Right Intel can deliver insight better for your organization.

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