Eat What You Tweet: Toaster Strudel Personalizes Pastries on Twitter

Pillsbury launches new social activity to bring attention to Toaster Strudels for the first time ever.

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel — the store-bought pastry filled with everything from apple to cream cheese — didn’t have a social presence until three weeks ago. Now on Facebook and Twitter, the brand is bringing attention to its social network activity in a sweet way.

Pillsbury’s Strudel Düdeler, a machine powered by tweets, makes icing art on your Toaster Strudel. Starting on Tuesday, Twitter users who tweet details about what they to do get their morning going (along with the hashtag #StrudelArt) will receive a picture of a Strudel with personalized icing art.

The brand hopes this will lure more fans to its social pages — it currently boasts about 55,000 Facebook followers and fewer than 100 on Twitter at the time of writing.

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