Eight Steps To Optimize Your Facebook Page In 2014

Hannah Connor, social media strategist, lists eight crucial steps for businesses to take in optimizing their Facebook pages and targeting those key communities.


In recent years, it has been witnessed that social business pages have been crucial for brands marketing themselves, as they allow content to reach the masses of people globally and extend brands’ awareness. Traditional advertising is dead, and the best way to connect with customers today is by utilizing the most powerful networking platforms the world has ever known. Social media marketing saves money, saves time, allows businesses to connect with consumers more directly and intimately than ever before, and provides unprecedented opportunities for targeted marketing.

Yet while everyone is telling us just how important it is to establish a social presence online, few are able to give clear direction about how to turn that presence into profit. Without a doubt, every business requires a form of social media marketing, and Facebook is at the top of the list of choices, even more so now since the recent revamp to the Facebook business page, which allows you to spy on competitors.

The new Pages to Watch option on the Facebook page now allows you to compare your own page with competitors’ pages through metrics. The useful data that is derived out of this could go a long way toward improving marketing strategies and helping brands target advertising in more productive ways. This new implementation by Facebook allows for better insights, which will lead to better engagement and reach.

So once you have your new data on how competitive pages are performing, how will you make the changes to your Facebook content and page for better engagement? We bring to you today ways to optimize your page for a more engaging 2014 — eight actionable changes you can implement today to help you transform your insipid Facebook page into a powerhouse of online marketing:

Optimize Those Tabs

Some brands do not realize how important a solid structure can be for a Facebook page. Simply, if a person cannot find the information they require, they will just move on, and that means a loss of Web traffic and likes for you. So what you should be doing with your page is making sure your tabs are in some kind of order that can help drive a reader to what they require. Help yourself boost return traffic by being organized with your content.

Create that call to action with your content tabs. Facebook fan pages feature four or five little boxes in the upper-right-hand corner, and this is the first thing most people see when they land on your page. Many businesses fill this space with links to Pinterest, photos, or a count of how many Likes they’ve received. You could put a call to action button there (book here, buy now, place order) and see your profits spike. Or you could create a resource area.

Make Reviews Prominent

Customize your page to ensure that links to TripAdvisor, Yelp, UrbanSpoon, and similar review sites are prominent. Providing content on most recent positive reviews will be shareable, and if you install a widget that lets fans post reviews to popular sites directly from your Facebook wall, this will branch out your awareness.

Great Photography Makes For Great Visual Content

As the Internet has grown, so has visual content, and as Instagram has shown, photos grab attention and produce success. Feel inspired by Instagram and create your Facebook content in such a way that it will convey information graphically. What you must do is not only entertain your audience, but inspire them. So take the best images you can and never allow your page to fill up with bland photography. You could use your own Facebook data to create an infographic of data visualisations, or you could create interactive tools. Once you tap into fans’ passion, that visual platform can go viral. Always think about what type of messaging or visual content they will respond to.

Multilingual Posts

Is your customer base international? If yes, then do you have your current content translated into their languages, and does it span multiple language groups? Multilingual posts are crucial to international reach — combine your fan pages, post all of your content in two languages, and bring your community together.

Encourage Geotagging

When looking to optimize your Facebook page for better outreach, develop geotagging. Find creative ways to get fans to check in to your location, as the exposure builds traffic and community. At the end of 2013, Pew Research Center reported that among check-in services, Facebook was the most widely used, at 39 percent, followed by Foursquare at 18 percent.

Offer Exclusive Deals

While searching for ideas for content for your page, think about how to offer incentives to your readers. Rewarding your followers and keeping them engaged by periodically offering special offers and discounts that customers will only know about if they follow your fan page is the top thing you should be thinking about in a content strategy. Rewards are appealing and repeating. Get your viewers to come back from incentives. Create competitions and use your Facebook page to promote these. Take inspiration from Vouchercloud, which offers holidays and rewards through its Facebook page that link directly back to its competition page, which contains great prizes.

Be Meticulous

When optimizing your page, never make spelling errors, public-relations blunders, incorrect assertions, or grammar mistakes. Everything you post through your Facebook content is a reflection of the quality and professionalism of your company.

Connect Your Content

You should be linking all of your content online. Link to blogs, websites, sales pages, Instagram, Twitter, and every other piece of content you post online. Your Facebook page should be a portal through which customers can connect with every aspect of your business. Linking in such a way will provide a better social customer service for you, letting your customers know that they can always reach out for support via Facebook. Many people today find it a more casual and convenient way to ask questions and address their concerns.

Remember, effective social media marketing is a matter of establishing an identity that becomes recognizable and highly visible to the communities most likely to help your business, so focus your efforts on connecting with the targeted groups that will be attracted to your products, ethos, and mission. Rather than selling to them, just introduce yourself and products. Provide them with information or entertainment, make a good impression, and build the relationships that will buy your business for years to come.

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