Flipboard Co-Founder: We Built Hundreds of Prototypes

With so much happening on social networks these days, Flipboard is one of the only content curation products that has clearly cut through the noise. Right Intel works much the same way.

Founders of Flipboard Evan Doll and Mike McCue essentially met on a blind date at a coffee shop. They instantly knew they wanted to build something together, but they weren’t sure what.

On this episode of the Valley Girl Show, Doll shares that the duo tried quite a few things before settling on the right product. The initial idea came from trying to re-invent the web browser.

“With startups you can always get rid of the product and build another one, but it’s harder to change the team,” he says.

Design is another important element that came into play. “The iPad is what crystallized everything for us,” Doll adds. It didn’t take them long to realize that it would enable people to peruse content in a magazine-like way.

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