Getting Curated Content into the Hands of Your Audience

How to Use Right Intel

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be trying to share content or articles that you run across as you’re browsing the web. Whether you’re trying to send a link to a colleague or just want to send a spreadsheet to your team, Right Intel tries to eliminate the difficulty in sharing this kind of content to your company. The easiest ways to curate content on Right Intel are through our helpful Intel IT! Tool, as well as our Google Chrome Plugin.

Both of these tools will allow you to curate articles, websites, and other content as well as provide your insight along with the content. This allows you to become a thought leader by making the content relevant to your targeted audience and not a simple share or regurgitation. You can also add tags, email the content, or publish the intelled content without ever having to visit the Right Intel platform.

Intel It! tool screenshot

Intel IT!

Using the Intel IT! java-applet allows you to grab articles or webpages with a synopsis and a picture from the page. Most importantly, you can add your own insight detailing why this content is important to you, your company, or your client. Once you have your insight, Right Intel will add the article to your knowledge dashboard. You then have the option to email the content or publish to your social channels or even your blog.

Right Intel Chrome Extension

Google Chrome Plugin

Our browser plugin allows you to take screenshots of a page to highlight specific content. Once you have the image you want to share, you can make annotations to the image to help drive your point. Once you have the image you want, you’ll be given a chance to add your insight and add it to your knowledge dashboard.


As well, you can always upload your own documents (excel files, PowerPoint presentations, word documents ect.) directly on to your knowledge dashboard.

Wrapping it up

What makes the Right Intel platform so valuable is by allowing you to share your collection of intel to your strategic audiences. Whether your insight is based on an article on the web, a screenshot or image in addition to a PDF file; you can put this collection together in one story and send it to your audience of choice. In the end, Right Intel is making your thought leadership through curation easier than ever.

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