How Agencies Are Retooling for the Automated Ad Buy

Insightful Q&A with Jay Sears (SVP of the Rubicon Project) concerning the “magic of programmatic” and how it will affect agencies in the very near future future. He believes, “The automation of buying and selling advertising is inevitable.” What do you think?

If you want to know the ins and outs of programmatic, Jay Sears, SVP of market development for the Rubicon Project, is probably the guy who should explain it to you. Sears has a long history with ambitious, technically complex ventures, notably the finance world’s vital Edgar Online tool.

Adweek: So, I think there’s confusion about what the difference between programmatic and real-time bidding is. Can you help us out?
Sears: It used to be that—and still, in many parts of the business, it is—that inventory was sold in gigantic blocks, and when you broke the block down, you’d find that part of it really worked for the situation you were in and part of it didn’t. The magic of programmatic is that it’s about de-averaging and it’s about data. De-averaging means you’re decomposing everything down to an impression level, and you’re using machines to look at it. You’re making decisions in milliseconds—and it’s very easy to make those decisions at the impression level and then reaggregate them so you can continue to buy at scale.

Adweek: I’ve talked to people in a few markets who are totally unimpressed with programmatic buying, notably TV ad sales pros. But your company is called the Rubicon Project. You clearly believe that this is a change there’s no going back from…

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