How an Ad Agency Used a 'LinkedIn Bomb' to Land a New Client

Innovative thinking to get on a prospective client’s radar. Brilliant.

As everyone who watches Mad Men knows, the ad business is tough. Winning over new clients is particularly challenging.

But a Lexington, Ky., ad agency used a tool that didn’t exist in Don Draper’s day — LinkedIn — to grab the attention of a potential client in a way that would have made Draper smile, or at least smirk.

Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions calls the stunt a “Linkedin Bomb.” Here’s how it happened: In April, everyone in the agency sent LinkedIn requests to A&W Restaurants President Kevin Bazner and Director of Marketing Sarah Blasi at the exact same time. The messages were all headed “Welcome to Lexington” because A&W had just moved its headquarters from Louisville after being spun off from Yum Brands.

Blasi says she was at a photo shoot and “all of the sudden I got about 35 LinkedIn notifications at once.” At first she thought someone had hacked her account. Then she read them. “They were all individual stories about their personal relationships with A&W Restaurants.” One was from a guy who visited the restaurant with his grandfather when he was a kid. Another was from someone who’s first date with the woman who became his wife was at an A&W.

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