How Often Should You Feed Your Content Marketing Programs?

We love the recomendation on redistributing your company blog posts via email newsletters and doing a combination of curated news and primary content. Right Intel is platform designed around all of these fuctions.

Some common questions arise as you begin engaging in a content marketing program: How often do I need to update my content? How often should I be publishing? What is too much? How do you find the time to publish?

The answer, which everyone hates to hear, is “it depends.” But it does depend–on the channel and where you’re sharing your content.

In this article, you’ll find guidelines on the frequency of your content posts based on channel.

Social media: Post often

How often? Very often. As often as you can.

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The key to successful content engagement with your audience on social media is to be there when they are. Twitter, for example, is an ongoing conversation. At any time of day, folks are on there tweeting and sharing. You want to ensure that your content shows up in your prospects’ content streams when they log on.

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