How social media activity influences your search engine ranking | SmartBlogs

SEO and social media are deeply linked, and both help determine how well your website is ranked.

Social tools help you connect with readers in a more personal way. This not only gets people to trust you but also lets search engines, such as Google, know that your website is important. This results in a much higher ranking on Google, making your website easier to find. It’s important to include social networking in your daily search engine optimization and to be a leader in your niche.

Use Facebook or Foursquare to show Google your location

Location plays a vital role in Google’s algorithm. If you are on Facebook or Foursquare, the good news is that both networks allow users to check in to a location. Remember that Google uses Web citations from your physical address to verify your location on Google Places and to do your local organic ranking. This indicates that Google does use your location to rank your website.

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