How to Use Twitter's Vine to Create and Share Videos

These short videos created in Vine will make an awesome addiiton to Intel inside Right Intel – we’re excited!

What could you show the world in six seconds? That’s the idea behind Vine, a service introduced Thursday that allows you to create and share looping videos.

Currently only available for iOS, Vines are created by pressing and holding your finger down on the screen of your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. You’re given 6 seconds of “tape” for your video masterpieces, but you can start and stop recording as many times as you’d like during that six seconds to include several different scenes.

For instance, I created this Vine showing off some of the toys I have on my desk, starting and stopping the recording to pick up a new toy. The service can also be used to create a stop-motion video, moving the subjects slightly between each clip. Important to note: Vine is also recording audio, so you’ll want to record in quiet places or at the very least be conscious of what audio is going on around you.

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