How Travel Brands Can Leverage Pinterest's Latest Features

Pinterest released five new types of “Rich Pins” allowing users to more easily associate enhanced context with photos. This could be a perfect fit for visually-driven marketing brands. Read more to learn how Pinterest recommends using these new Rich Pins.


Pinterest is keeping us on our toes and releasing new features to its site that enhance the context of each individual pin.

But can tourism and DMO’s utilize these new, shiny pins?

We’ve had a chance to play with them a bit, and take in the question.

Effective tourism marketing is highly visual. Reading about a vacation spot is nothing like the impression left after seeing photos. Pictures make it tangible: You can see yourself there, taking in landmarks, dining at restaurants, walking down streets and experiencing attractions. These are all the things that simply must make it onto your travel itinerary.

Pinterest is a highly visual medium. So if tourism marketing is visual — and Pinterest gives you a way to catalogue all that prettiness — it sounds like a match made in heaven to us.

Recently, Pinterest saw fit to bless us with five new types what it’s calling “Rich Pins.”

These Rich Pins allow users to associate context with photos, and therefore we see a new opportunity for an improved marketing strategy.

Rich Pins: Giving Photos Context

Below, we’ll get into detail about what each of these new pins are and what opportunities they present. But first, an explanation of what Rich Pins are:

There are six different kinds of new Rich Pins: Place, Product, Gift, Movie, Article and Recipe Pins. Rich Pins provide more information than a regular pin. Instead of a picture with a caption, and only that, Rich Pins include more detailed (meta) information, depending on the photo’s content. So, for the first time, we’re able to really categorize photos, making the user’s experience richer, and increasing our ability to target messaging more finitely.

What it is

Place Pins provide an obvious tourism marketing benefit, because they let you map out destinations and identify places you’d like to go or places you’ve been; both essential for trip planning or post-trip sharing. In fact, we’re crushing so hard on the Place Pins that we talked about it in a previous blog post.

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