How Valuable Is Your Content?

As retailers become publishers and publishers become retailers and the content and commerce worlds collide, understanding the value of content and its ROI is as important as understanding the ROI on marketing spend.

Back in the last century and at the dawn of the new millennium one of the key reports looked at in your typical web analytics system was the “Top Pages” report. It usually showed day after day, week after week, that the “top pages” were always the same. These days no one really looks at these reports (do they?), but does that mean that understanding content consumption and managing the ROI on content isn’t important? As with all questions to do with digital analytics, the answer is: it depends.

It probably depends on what kind of business you’re in and on what investment you’re making in content production. But it’s likely that no matter what business you’re in, understanding the ROI on content is increasingly a key component of your overall optimization strategy because content costs. It doesn’t cost in the same way that a PPC campaign costs or an affiliate deal costs, but it costs all the same. Whether that be in-house content teams beavering away producing new content for your digital properties, or specially commissioned multi-media content produced by external agencies. The costs are there and so the question is: who looks at this stuff and what value does it have?

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