How Video Plays a Crucial Role in the Rise of Content Marketing

There is a huge push for video to enter the content marketing scene. It’s short and impactful, thus making it a critical source of information for executives. Read more to find out why video is the rising star in content marketing.

“The next big thing in content marketing is video,” Justabout Everyone, Company ABC.

I can’t credit that “quote” to anyone in particular because it’s been said by so many, from those in online media to B2B marketers. The truth is… as much as marketers love surveys and trend data, sometimes it’s just blatantly clear that something is upon us. Enter video.

But, knowing hasn’t yet translated into doing. Most folks are stuck. Video appeared on the scene so suddenly that marketers are still learning how to use it effectively. It’s a black box. But it’s time to crack it open.

Let’s look at three driving forces that are shaping the evolution of content marketing, and the crucial role video plays within each:

1. Key buyers are becoming increasingly influenced by video.

2. Marketers need more feedback about their content.

3. The pressure to show content ROI is increasing.

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