Content Marketing–Part 1 of 2

When you start to realize that people use both emotion and logic in making buying decisions, you can start creating much more powerful content marketing materials that really serve your buyers. This two-part article explains how buyers think and act on content marketing.

The saying “people buy on emotion and rationalize with logic” has been around so long that people rarely question it.

But in content marketing, you need to question it. Otherwise, you run the risk of either not providing people the right information or—worse—alienating your audience.

The idea that people buy solely on emotion is old-school selling. Nowadays, buyers are running the show more than ever. Selling solely on emotion can make you come across as condescending and slimy.

It’s obvious that emotions are big motivators for people making purchases. After all, we’re human and emotions are a large part of how we operate. However, they’re not the only part. We’re not just emotional; we also have the capacity to think and question.

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