Content Marketing–Part 2 of 2

Understanding the function and interplay of logic and emotion in the buying cycle empowers marketers to create the right content to support buyers at the right time. Instead of persuading people to buy, marketers provide the materials to nurture curious buyers and enable people to convince themselves.

Stage 2: Interest

During the Interest stage of your buying cycle, people are beginning to recognize a need for your product or service. They’re aware of a problem or opportunity and the potential for a solution.

Now aware of an issue, they’re are willing to spend a little more time. Thus, your content can be a little longer.

At this stage, you start building relationships with people. The need for emotional content is still high, but the need for logical content starts to build. You want content that engages rather than sells. In storytelling language, this is where you’re starting to build the story of who you are—fleshing out your personality and your values.

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