Insight, Conviction, Wisdom and Courage

Mike Hughes of the Martin Agency once said, “The four things clients want the most are Insight, Conviction, Wisdom and Courage.” Hmmm – so not a clever ad? Not a whizbang analytics platform? Sure, they want those things too. But more than anything the client hires an agency for their perceived intellectual property. It’s your collective agency intelligence that will make them appear and feel more intelligent.

Clients want to work with agencies that not only think a lot about their business, but that are also able to consistently demonstrate it. Not just quarterly. Not monthly. Frequently as in weekly or daily. They want their team invested in living the news of the brand, the industry marketplace, the competition and most importantly, their consumer.

That’s a lot to keep up with. What’s your plan? Mine was Right Intel. As a leader of multiple agency teams overseeing a portfolio of clients, I used it to make sure I knew my clients business. More than that, I used it to demonstrate to my clients that we had a real time point of view for their business.

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