Is Twitter Saying Goodbye Retweet, Hello Share?

For a small percentage of Twitter users, the mobile Twitter app has replaced familiar “Retweet” and “Quote Tweet” options with “Share with Followers” and “First Add Comment” features. No official word on whether this is a test or a slow rollout for the mobile platform.


Will retweets soon be rebranded as “shares” on Twitter? For some, that has already happened, as the change in terminology began rolling out for some mobile users this week.

Word first spread last week about Twitter’s plans to do away with both hashtags and @-replies – and many Twitter users were less than happy about it. Now it appears Twitter users may soon be forced to say goodbye to retweeting and embrace sharing, a change which would bring it in line with how Facebook refers to sharing content.

Normally, when a user clicks the retweet button, a box pops up with “Retweet,” or if you are a mobile user, it will also give an option to “Quote Retweet.” However this week, it has been changed on some mobile devices to “Share with Followers” and “First Add Comment,” the latter of which is arguably far more confusing than “Quote Retweet.”

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