Linkedin: The Big (But Not) Easy Opportunity

Shane Atchison of Possible Worldwide on Starting a LinkedIn Marketing Practice. At Right Intel, LinkedIn is our number one source for generating sales leads.

Today, we often hear about the blindingly fast success of some social media companies and Internet startups. The formula seems simple: Get a great idea, start a company, catch fire, and become fantastically wealthy a few years later.

This thinking has led to what some have called a modern gold rush: lots of people starting cloud-based services and hoping to cash in fast. Unfortunately, the gold rush analogy holds more truth than many realize. In the 1850s large numbers of people went to California, hoping to wave a pick around and strike it rich. Once there, they learned something else: Gold mining is a tough business. You sleep outside, eat lousy food, and spend all day in the hot sun digging holes in rocky ground. Sure, it’s an opportunity, but it requires luck, privation, and extremely hard work–not to mention a serious appetite for risk

In fact, most good opportunities are like this. They’re hard.

Now I’d like to leave the Gold Rush behind for a moment and talk about a real opportunity my company is pursuing. Unlike a lot of the Influencers on Linkedin, I’m not using these posts to share lessons learned from the past or make predictions for the future. I’m trying to take you on a real-time journey and give you a play-by-play as my company works on a live initiative: establishing a Linkedin marketing practice. I hope that gives you a more interesting perspective on what it’s like to be working in the digital trenches today.

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