Redefining the Right Stuff: Finding the Next Generation of Digital Leaders

Shane Atchison talks about the attributes of innovation experience, agile mentality, passion, marketing knowledge, analytics understanding and a love of CRM as defining future Digital Leaders.

If you’ve ever seen The Right Stuff, you know it’s a movie about astronauts but also about change. The opening sequences follow Chuck Yeager as he breaks the sound barrier in the X-1. But later in the movie things are different. The pilots now want to be astronauts, and Yeager doesn’t qualify because he doesn’t have a college degree. Of course, flying is not advertising, but we have seen a similar change in the requirements for digital leadership over the last few years.

Before we get started, though, let’s make this interesting. As it happens, we’re looking for a leader right now. Today we posted a description for the job, Linkedin Practice Director. If you can figure out what we need and then recommend the perfect person for the job, we’ll give you a year-long TEDLive membership. It’s cool prize, so feel free to ask any questions you have about the job in the comments below.

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