Relevance Has a Deadline But Good Content Should Live On Forever

“Your content strategy should not be anchored in real-time marketing.” Great piece on qualifying real-time marketing.


The madness of real-time marketing continues to plague the headlines of blog posts, white papers, research reports and case studies. Agencies are creating newsrooms. Brands are creating newsrooms. Models are being developed, redeveloped and new approaches are being tested daily. Some brands are successful. Others are struggling.

We can thank Oreo for making real-time marketing part of the mainstream conversation.

A study by Evergage, fielded by Researchscape International provides additional clarity to this topic. According to the report, 76% of marketers globally defined real-time marketing as personalizing content in response to consumer interactions; and 68% defined it as responding to trends and cultural events in social media (graph re-created from eMarketer).

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