Responsive Websites Are Great for Users, but How Are the Ad Dollars Being Affected?

The user-friendly and visually-appealing responsive design forces publishers to employ simpler site layouts, giving ads a better chance of standing out. The ads are placed front and center versus on the sidelines. Seems like a win-win for readers and advertisers!


Since so many consumers hop from smartphone to desktop to tablet and back again multiple times a day, Web publishers have rushed to embrace responsive design: a technology that automatically resizes content to fit any screen.

The responsive movement has been a win for users, who increasingly want to consume content on multiple devices. It also has yielded a welcome by-product: better mobile advertising opportunities. Inherently, responsive sites place mobile ads front and center, rather than relegating them to the sidelines.

With mobile traffic rapidly growing, monetizing that mobile audience is increasingly important. And publishers see this as a prime time to rethink their sites. That’s true for CNN, which is rolling out a responsive redesign in November. Marisa Gallagher, vp and executive creative director at CNN Digital, said that both advertising and enhancing the user experience were at play: “It’s part and parcel when you’re building any experience to ensure the ad or the revenue implications are considered.”

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