Right Intel Introduces a New Advanced Layout for Email Briefs

Creating emails through Right Intel just got better. We’ve added the Advanced layout to complement the existing Classic and 3-Column layout options.

The Advanced layout enhancement came directly from our clients’ feedback and it couldn’t be more practical. By selecting the Advanced layout, you can build segmented email briefs and highlight groups of posts under different, bold headings.

image 1

When selecting the the Advanced email layout option, you will see four new options to prepare your email—add a post, add a heading, add a content area, and delete all content from this email. Once your intel posts are selected, you can move them in the order you desire. Afterwards, simply drag and drop the element you wish to add to your email layout, even adding elements between your intel posts. The email enhancement also comes with a “Delete all content” feature, easily allowing users to start fresh if necessary.

image 2

We find that email is a powerful way to distribute intelligence and personal insight to your audiences. It is still the most popular method used by Right Intel customers and we know you’ll find the latest enhancement useful.

New Advanced Email Layout

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