Right Intel Email Brief Feature

Right Intel is always looking for ways to help our clients communicate easily and efficiently to a variety of audiences. Our email feature pulls together both compelling content and user insights to form a branded email brief. Through a few simple steps, every Right Intel user can send an eye-catching email and receive instant feedback and trackable results. Below are a few examples of how Right Intel can help improve communication using our email tool.

Send an internal newsletter

Competitive Overview

Through Right Intel, users can follow their competition’s social media activity, as well as any news or industry mentions. After users curate those components into Right Intel, it takes only minutes to publish and send an email brief that will report these findings to audiences. This replaces ineffective newsletters or conference calls that are so often easily overlooked or altogether forgotten.

Our knowledge dashboard shows all of your intelligence aggregated in one dashboard.

Industry and Trend Report

Successful reporting on industry news and current trends is another communication challenge for clients. It can be an overwhelming task, but Right Intel users can easily push relevant content from the web to Right Intel, add valuable and relatable insight, and build an email with industry and trend happenings for clients or internal teams. Pushing out user-generated insight with this content turns what would be average industry reporting into applicable data for your clients.

Send your insight to strategic audiences

Internal Communication Newsletter

Our clients often report a lack of effective, internal communication at the workplace. Most company newsletters are overlooked or filed away, with every intention of being read later but usually forgotten. Right Intel’s email feature helps users deliver fresh content in an easy-to-read format, which spans mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Our email briefs help to facilitate conversation with embedded comment boxes, plus all emails generate performance reports for the senders.

See who is reading articles intelligence you are sharing.

Easing the Burden of Intelligence Reports

Before Right Intel, Becca Tomlin, an account manager from GSD&M, was manually building weekly emails to clients. She would spend hours cutting and pasting text, inserting links and grabbing screenshots on the latest industry news. Now, she simply logs into the dashboard, reviews the available research and selects what she wants to share. Within minutes she adds her own insights and sends the information off to clients in a professional and engaging email, sent straight from the Right Intel platform.

“Now the weekly intelligence reports I send to clients are so much easier to read. When the client gets my Right Intel email, they don’t have to download embedded images, the message loads quickly, and it looks great on mobile.” – Becca Tomlin, Account Manger, GSD&M

Right Intel’s email tool helps our clients communicate important content and insights without the hassle typical email newsletters require. Our easy-to-use email brief feature creates designed, branded, and fully trackable emails that meet all of your reporting needs.

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