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Wake up your inner scrappy.

No matter how big of a brand you may become, there will always be an “inner scrappy” inside us all. – David Angelo of David & Goliath

We are all born with a common spirit — a quest to reinvent or just make things happen. I call it your “inner scrappy.”

For me, my scrappy emerged back in the day when there was no Internet (that we knew of) and no cable TV.

I grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood during the recession in the ’70s. It was a time when imagination flourished out of necessity to survive as opposed to anything else.

We lived next to a playground and a vast open field that was home to raccoons, rattlesnakes, and thousands of stray golf balls. On the other side of the field was a golf course. I don’t know the exact day it happened, but that foxtail-laden field gave birth to an entrepreneurial spirit that has been alive in me ever since.

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