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Dial 415-665-0001 Access Code: 663-075-664

If you have trouble accessing WebEx – you won’t miss that much visually – here’s the phone number!

Dial 415-665-0001 Access Code: 663-075-664 at 1PM ET Today (6/6) to hear marketing leaders from Gap, GSD&M and Tribal DDB in a live discussion featuring Forrester Research’s Jim Nail. No cost to attend.

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Right Intel Webcast 6/6/13 @ 1PM ET

We’ll do it live!

Companies drown in marketing data yet starve for actionable insights. We will discuss what works and what doesn’t by exploring what quality insight looks like, who creates it and how to make it actionable. Join international retailer Gap along with full service brand agency GSD&M and the digitally-centric global advertising agency, Tribal DDB in a conversation hosted by Right Intel and featuring Forrester Research.

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