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Expert Says Branding Isn't A Part Of His Success

It’s more a “a lifestyle than anything else.”

To become an expert, you need to have a voice that sets you apart from others in your field, but first, you need credibility to achieve this level of respect.

There are plenty of bloggers out there who have thousands of followers listening to their tips and ideas. They have become thought leaders in their industries and their names appear alongside the title “expert.”

Dan Waldschmidt is a speaker, author, consultant and researcher. He’s been profiled in Business Insider, Business Week and Inc., and his book Edgy Conversations is scheduled to be published in March 2013.

But he doesn’t consider branding a part of his success, because it’s more of “a lifestyle than anything else,” Waldschmidt told us.

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3 Bloggers Every Serious Blogger Should Be Following

If you are serious about your blogging and want to take it to the next level, there are three bloggers who are must reads.

I have numerous friends who are attempting to become more serious about their blogging this next year. They aren’t necessarily wanting to become professional bloggers, but they would like to increase their traffic and, perhaps, make money from their site.If you are serious about your blogging and want to take it to the next level, there are three bloggers who are must reading.

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8 Insightful Marketing Predictions for 2013 and Beyond

8 marketing predictions, backed by industry thought leaders, about what’s in store for marketing in 2013.

It’s that time of year again! 2013 is on the horizon, so whip out your crystal balls, marketers — it’s time to make some predictions about what’s in store for next year. Don’t have one handy? That’s cool. You don’t need to be clairvoyant to make a prediction or two. In fact, how about we get the ball rolling.

In 2012, the world of marketing underwent some major changes. We saw the rise of Pinterest, several IPOs and acquisitions, an aggressive political ad war, Facebook’s 1 billionth user, and watched one Korean artist turn into a global phenomenon thanks to YouTube. So what’s on tap for next year?

We’ve compiled some of our most insightful predictions — backed by several industry experts and thought leaders — into our new guide, 20 Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2013 & Beyond. You can catch 8 of them in this blog post, and be sure to download the full guide if you’re curious about what the other 12 will mean for your marketing in 2013. Now let’s get to it, marketers!

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