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The 10-Step Path to Marketing Nirvana

A great 10-step guide to positively persuading persuading consumers to your brand, without manipulation or cajoling.

At first blush, “marketing nirvana” seems an oxymoron, like “jumbo shrimp” or “working vacation.” But so does the brand “Burkini”–a combination of “burka” and “bikini,” yet its creator embraced the path to marketing nirvana and became an international success.

The word “nirvana” literally means “blown out,” like extinguishing the flame of a candle. It is a profound state of liberation from the suffering of a deluded mind. Marketing nirvana is, similarly, liberation from a deluded marketing mind–the one that imagines it can persuade people to do things they don’t truly believe in or desire.

Enlightened marketers understand the realities of today’s savvy and well-connected marketplace. They don’t try to cajole or manipulate people against their will. Rather, they seek to guide them to a new destination: a transformed way of feeling, thinking, and acting that’s aligned with their personal desires and values.

At its core, then, marketing–altering someone’s beliefs and behavior–is not an act of short-lived persuasion; it’s an act of leadership. And leadership is all about guiding people on a journey that makes them comfortable and happy–a journey, ultimately, that improves their lives.

Here’s the path…

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