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How Right Intel takes Advantage of Cloud Computing

Expect a higher level of security and better uptime from the Right Intel Platform


“The Cloud” is a buzz word these days. Many people hear the word “cloud” and think of files that are stored on remote servers instead of a computer.

When system administrators talk about cloud computing, however, they mean a service that runs applications on remote server hardware and software. The service will manage the hardware and software and ensure your applications are running. Popular cloud computing services include Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure and Heroku. They generally call themselves a Cloud Platform or a Platform as a Service (PaaS).

You don’t upload your application files to a physical server. You send the files to the service and it takes care of deploying it to one or more server virtual machines. Server hardware can run multiple virtual machines. Your application will span multiple physical servers so that physical hardware failures will not cause service disruptions.

In the Fall of 2014, Right Intel moved to Amazon Web Services (AWS). We join a long list of Internet giants including Netflix, Pinterest, and

Let’s look at some of the advantages Right Intel has enjoyed on Amazon Web Services.

High Availability and Auto Failover

The Right Intel Platform runs across multiple load balancers and multiple servers. If any problems arise, AWS automatically removes problematic servers and replaces them with healthy ones. Our customers experience the best uptime available with little effort.

Rolling Updates

Any updates to the server software or the Right Intel platform will roll out across servers one by one so that there is no down time to our customers.

On-demand Scaling

AWS will automatically allocate more servers to Right Intel when demand and load is high. When the application load winds back down, servers will be removed automatically.

Fast Backup and Recovery

If a natural disaster causes a regional outage, executing disaster recovery is quick and painless. We have a file that defines and configures all our infrastructure, from networks to servers to databases. Deploying in another region and restoring data from a backup is simple.


AWS provides the ability to define strict network rules that apply before any of our infrastructure receives traffic. This allows AWS to stop many types of hacking attempts before they even reach our server.

In conclusion, our switch to Amazon Web Services has reduced our workload and allowed us to provide better security and uptime to our clients.

Read more from the source: Amazon Web Services, Inc.

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Insight, Conviction, Wisdom and Courage

Mike Hughes of the Martin Agency once said, “The four things clients want the most are Insight, Conviction, Wisdom and Courage.” Hmmm – so not a clever ad? Not a whizbang analytics platform? Sure, they want those things too. But more than anything the client hires an agency for their perceived intellectual property. It’s your collective agency intelligence that will make them appear and feel more intelligent.

Clients want to work with agencies that not only think a lot about their business, but that are also able to consistently demonstrate it. Not just quarterly. Not monthly. Frequently as in weekly or daily. They want their team invested in living the news of the brand, the industry marketplace, the competition and most importantly, their consumer.

That’s a lot to keep up with. What’s your plan? Mine was Right Intel. As a leader of multiple agency teams overseeing a portfolio of clients, I used it to make sure I knew my clients business. More than that, I used it to demonstrate to my clients that we had a real time point of view for their business.

The Gift Of Time

In Peter Coughter’s Art of the Pitch is a section titled “The Gift of Time” which talks about the idea that as presenters, we often feel that we need to fill all of the available time for a meeting. If given an hour, we take the whole hour or maybe more. Somehow, thought is rarely given to how we might most efficiently deliver our message and whether that might take less time than what has actually been allotted to us. Instead, we think we need to demonstrate all that we know about a given subject, when a little might be more effective.

Why not finish early and give your audience the gift of time? What a crazy concept, right? If it takes twenty minutes to provide all of the information we need to present and have a meaningful and well thought out dialogue, then why don’t we do that? Why instead do we always rush to end on time or end up with feelings of guilt for having gone beyond the desired time frame?

Here’s a likely suspect, lack of preparation. Preparation allows you to include everything that is needed and nothing that is not. Twitter does this best. 140 characters. That’s all you get to provide your insight. Do your homework upfront. Paint your picture via concise, well constructed insights. That’s what we call the Right Intel. Give your audience their time back and they’ll likely love you for it.