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The Growing Need for Internal Command Centers

Companies big and small can benefit from a central hub to aggregate and share data. Many companies are turning to office command centers to showcase their latest data and intelligence. Whether it is social media, competitive analysis, or company highlights, there are many reasons why a company wants to put up an office command center.

Many large companies are creating command centers for social media monitoring. Yet, companies can build dashboards for many purposes beyond that. For example, has built a command center to showcase the capabilities of its Marketing Cloud at events like CES and Dreamforce.

Right Intel Command Centers

Right Intel gives its customers the ability to aggregate intelligence from across the organization, and display intelligence in a command center format.

What is our Command Center? It’s a multi-screen display of market knowledge and curated content with insights provided by the experts in your company.

  • Insights are key data and metrics on a client, brand or trend, and can be both qualitative and quantitative.
  • Envision these command centers in lobbies, the offices of key executives, business development meetings, or in public gathering places and events.

See the Right Intel Command Center in action in the video below:

How does your team curate valuable content and share that knowledge internally in real time? Are there key metrics that your clients and stakeholders would like to be engaged with on a day to day to basis? Let Right Intel help you get your command center in place.

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