The extremely inappropriate image tweeted mistakenly by one of US Airways agents and the post-apology tweet sends US Airways TW performance through the roof

No such thing as bad publicity? US Airways’ accidental NSFW tweet on Monday shoots its Twitter reach and engagement through the roof. In total, US Airways acquired more than 12,000 followers in three days.


US Airways’ accidental NSFW (Not suitable for work) Twitter image posted by one of their customer service representatives draws 7,255 followers in one day on 4/14! It continued to drew thousands of followers in the next days with 3.9K on 4/15 and 1.3K on 4/17. In total, US airways saw more than 12.4K followers in three days which is beyond their weekly average of 382. US Airways removed the Tweet then tweeted an apology that attracted 14,337 retweets and 11,541 favorites, an enormous number of engagement for US Airways.

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