The Gift Of Time

In Peter Coughter’s Art of the Pitch is a section titled “The Gift of Time” which talks about the idea that as presenters, we often feel that we need to fill all of the available time for a meeting. If given an hour, we take the whole hour or maybe more. Somehow, thought is rarely given to how we might most efficiently deliver our message and whether that might take less time than what has actually been allotted to us. Instead, we think we need to demonstrate all that we know about a given subject, when a little might be more effective.

Why not finish early and give your audience the gift of time? What a crazy concept, right? If it takes twenty minutes to provide all of the information we need to present and have a meaningful and well thought out dialogue, then why don’t we do that? Why instead do we always rush to end on time or end up with feelings of guilt for having gone beyond the desired time frame?

Here’s a likely suspect, lack of preparation. Preparation allows you to include everything that is needed and nothing that is not. Twitter does this best. 140 characters. That’s all you get to provide your insight. Do your homework upfront. Paint your picture via concise, well constructed insights. That’s what we call the Right Intel. Give your audience their time back and they’ll likely love you for it.

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