The Hottest Brands on Twitter in 2012

Interesting insights on the sentiment scores of brands on Twitter. A good example of delivering the right intel (pun intended)

From smartphone makers embroiled in copyright battles to stores offering Black-Friday bargains, from investment banks at the center of public scandals to popular Super-Bowl commercials, some brands generated more Twitter buzz than others in 2012—for good and bad reasons—according to data from Topsy.

The new study ranks the share of voice on Twitter for top brands across 12 industries: media and entertainment; finance; retail; telecom; quick-service restaurants; health; auto; nonprofits; alcohol; travel; tech; and consumer goods. The report also shows spikes in Twitter activity during the year for each of the brands.

For the ranking, Topsy calculated a “sentiment score” by analyzing roughly 200 million English-language tweets for each day of 2012, computing minute-by-minute sentiment for every term in every tweet, and creating an index for all terms (ranging from 0 (negative) to 100 (positive), with 50 as neutral….

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