The Marketer's Guide to Actionable Data

Nearly 100% of CMOs agree that the most successful brands use customer data to make marketing decisions. But almost 70% of marketing budgets are still based on “historical spending.” Why the disconnect?


Chief marketing officers (CMOs) agree that successful brands use customer data to drive marketing decisions; moreover, 87% of marketers report that “capturing and sharing the right data is critical for measuring ROI effectively,” reports Monetate via an infographic.

Unfortunately, however, many marketers struggle to use data well.

Some 45% of companies aren’t using data to personalize their marketing communications, and 42% aren’t able to link data to an individual customer, according to the data cited by Monetate.

Among the reasons that marketers don’t use data: lack of training (32%), lack of budget or resources (32%), wrong organizational structure (14%).

To find out how you can collect and use customer data well, check out the tips in the following infographic:

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