The United States of Ad Agencies

AdWeek releases a great map calling out some of the top ad agencies by state. Congratulations to the agencies listed!

Every state has “that agency.” The one you can’t help but admire, or envy. The one where you’d like to work–or if you’re lucky, where you do work. The one that’s hard to beat. The one that critics moan is overrated. The one that, more often than not, just gets it right.

This map reveals our picks for “that agency” in each of the 50 states. The methodology was a combination of head count, notable clients, legacy and reputation. Contenders were limited to agencies that were actually founded in their respective states, giving homegrown shops an advantage over the satellite offices of the big networks. (This is also why Crispin Porter + Bogusky wins Florida, not Colorado.)

In some cases, the choice was easy. In others, it was anything but. What do you think of the list?

Read more from the source: AdWeek

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